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Dragonfly Bag

"Good Luck

Inhabiting two realms: air and water, the dragonfly with its transformative power invokes a deep connection with many.

Fashioned from muslin, colorful beads, and sequins, this fanciful Dragonfly Bag summons the creative power of the imagination.If you are appreciative of life's ever constant change and dragonflies, this bag will 'speak' to you.

Please note that the price indicated is for the bags alone and does not include cookies. Regrettably, due to our licensing, we are unable to sell gift packaging without an accompanying cookie order.

Please make your cookie selections from the Sweet Flavors tab in the navigation menu above.

5" x 7" Holds 2 cookies.

Dragonfly Bag
Dragonfly Bag  $3.00

dragonfly-gate - Art by Griselda Tello

Original artwork "Dragonfly Gate" graciously provided by Griselda Tello.

comfort cookies
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