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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you ship outside the United States?
    We happily ship to other countries! We have had Comfort Cookies travel to Ireland and Scotland and to military bases as far away as Afghanistan. We have been successful balancing price and expediency while shipping!
  • Why did I get an email regarding a shipping rebate?
    If we can fit your order in a smaller, lighter box to save on shipping, we will. If you'll benefit from using USPS flat rate boxes, we'll automatically do that also. And we'll gladly pass that savings on to you in the form of a refund or a lesser charge to your credit card.
  • What is the shelf life of Comfort Cookies?
    Our wheat-based cookies tend to be heartier and will generally retain their moistness longer than the gluten-free varieties. At room temperature you can easily expect 10-14 days of freshness from your Comfort Cookies. Our cookies refrigerate and freeze well within their own wrappers and this can easily extend their life by weeks.
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Dragonfly Magic - Art by Griselda Tello

Original artwork "Dragonfly Magic" cordially provided by Griselda Tello.

comfort cookies